Monday, February 11, 2008

Argh. College.

So, I love my college. I really do. I'm full of school spirit. I own so many teeshirts that have my school plastered on them that it is an integral part of my wardrobe (but what college kid doesn't have 299 teeshirts?). However, there is one thing I LOATHE about my college:


Seriously. I'm from warmer climates. I even lived in Mississippi for a while. I HATE THESE SUBZERO TEMPERATURES. Today it hasn't been that bad. It was around 4 degrees when I walked to class, with no wind. The wind is what kills me. And my school is like a wind tunnel.

Y'know, for being such a great architectures school, they really sucked it up big time when planning out my campus. Seriously. There are around three massive wind vortex's on campus, and it drives me insane. Take for instance yesterday, when I was walking to my car so I could go to Greek 101. I walked through a wind vortex, which was bad because it was already 4 degrees, with 50 mph winds. So that made it like, -20 degrees. ARGH I hate it. And now it is snowing outside. And my friends call me a winter idiot, because I slip and slide and fall every time there is snow.

Enough about that.

I actually received a comment yesterday about my Grammy's blog. Thank you Dlyn for actually stopping by! =)

As for Amy Winehouse, I really do think she gained some sort of sympathy votes. Seriously. Yes, she has a great voice, there is no denying that. But like you said, she is a train wreck. That poor girl needs some help. Honestly.

And you sort of have to shake your head when you think about how the Record of the Year award went to a song about not going to rehab because you like your drugs too much. Seriously, now. What is the world coming to with songs like that? It just makes me chuckle.

I don't think she deserved all of those awards, but that's just me. It just seemed like an off year for the Grammy's this year.

However, I DID like how everyone called out Kanye West. He has good music, in my opinion, but he is SO COCKY. I'm very glad Vince Gill and Usher put him in his place. Especially Vince Gill's comment about receiving a Grammy from a Beetle. Ha. That made me laugh.

What I'm REALLY looking forward to is the Academy Awards. That's one of my favorite award shows (apart from the Tony's, but that's only because I'm a theatre fiend). I'll be having my predictions up about that one fairly soon.

Well, I must head out into the cold, cold, snow. I hope I don't die of hypothermia.

Much love,

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